Are you new to the world of dabbing or smoking concentrates? If not, you might be well aware of the fact that dabbing concentrates have become easy. This has been made possible with devices like the enails or the electronic nails. The electronic nails are considered to be an advanced form of vaping device which ensures the dab is not too cold or too hot.

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E-Nails Provide Temperature Consistency

In the world of dabbing, e-nail is preferred as it allow maintaining temperature consistency. When temperature can be controlled, the dabs won’t pool on the base of the nail. Thereby, temperature control would ensure that users get to enjoy perfect vapors and better taste, instead of less vapors and tasteless smoke.

Good Bye Butane Torch

In order to attain optimum temperatures, the butane torch has been of great help. The torch was responsible for heating the nails but it couldn’t support a constant temperature. Hence, dabbers needed to wait in order to guess if the nails have been heated properly. However, this guessing game wasn’t always successful and lead to disaster like the burnt flavor or tasteless smoke. In order to avoid such disasters, enails in Canada came to the rescue.


Knowing About E-nails

It is referred to as electronic nails. It comes with a controller box that transfers heat through coils. The coils are connected with the nails. The buttons allow controlling the temperature of the nail. So as soon as the device is turned on, users can assign the temperature. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature, one can start dabbing the concentrate for an unlimited number of times.


Knowing the Benefitsenails in canada

The persistent result provided by enails in Canada is what one expects from the device. Starting from exceptional temperature control, the electronic nails have come a long way.

It has helped users to do away with butane torches. One doesn’t need to wait long for getting hold of a can of butane for lighting up the torch. The e-nails need electricity to run.

  • The e-nails are easy to clean. Unlike the butane torch, it requires very little maintenance.
  • Little power is needed for operating the e-nails. With the little power, one can get countless dabs. However, this is not the case with butane torches. It can’t provide a huge volume of dabs.
  • Another factor of favoring e-nails is that they are portable devices, one can easily carry it anywhere.


Knowing the Dangers

Before coming to a conclusion that enails in Canada are worth the investment, one needs to take a look at the small downside of using the device. They are:

  • One needs to be highly responsible in order to operate the electronic nails. The device can reach a temperature up to 1000°F. So it should be handled carefully.
  • It is advised that the device shouldn’t be left unattended at any point of time.
  • Risk of fire hazard is present when operating this device. Hence, it shouldn’t be used with other flammable items.

Even if the enails in Canada are available at an affordable rate, one should weigh the options. If one plan to enjoy smoking cannabis concentrates for a long time, they should go for it.