Are you looking for a powerful way to fight cancer? Even after the medical field has expanded greatly; still, no progress have been made in the field of cancer. Doctor to patients tries to search for any perfect cure for the deadly disease, cancer. Studies have shown that only conventional treatment i.e., chemotherapy is available for curing cancer.  Lately, a huge controversy that has stirred up the entire medical fraternity is the use of RSO oil for treating cancer. Basically, come doctors area against the use of medical marijuana or cannabis for treating cancer as they consider it to be a psychoactive drug.

rso oil

Why So Much Fuss?

The oil makes use of concentrated form of cannabis. Basically, the oil is able to treat cancer and many other health conditions. However, scientists and doctors are not ready to admit this fact. They don’t want to accept that cannabinoids present in the oil is able to cure cancer completely.

rso oil

How Did This Oil Come Up?

Before one gets to learn about the evolution of RSO oil, one needs to have an idea about the person who discovered it. The oil derived its name from the inventor Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson can be considered as the pioneers of cannabis or medical marijuana movement. Right from the moment he discovered the amazing power of medical cannabis, he tried to educate people about it. He wanted to ensure that the medical fraternity makes this Rick Simpson Oil a legalized cure for fighting cancer.

Rick Simpson accidentally came across this oil after he met with an accident in the hospital’s boiler room. Medications didn’t prove to be very helpful to treat his dizziness. After seeing a documentary on the tremendous healing power of cannabis, especially medical marijuana, he thought of using it.rso oil

Later on when Rick Simpson started to suffer from skin cancer, he used the concentrated form of RSO oil. After few application of this oil, he saw that his skin cancer got greatly cured. Basically, as he came up with this oil, it was given his name.

What’s so great About This Oil?

Rick Simpson soon planned to grow cannabis plants. He planned to make the oil and help people to treat their chronic health conditions and cancer. The concentrated cannabis oil is made up of THC and CBD. In fact, it has got 60% THC and 15% CBD in it.

The RSO oil which mainly contains concentrated form of cannabis extract is derived from the Indica strain of the cannabis plant. Basically, the plant is soaked in a solvent solution for many hours. Once the solvent absorbs the THC content, it is evaporated to make the oil.

If one takes a closer look, one gets to see that the Rick Simpson Oil differs from CBD oil as it contains various type of cannabinoids in them, such as CBG, CBN. THC strain is responsible for activating the cancer receptor cells and aids cancer cells to reach a state of apoptosis.

One can use RSO oil for curing cancer. It can also help one to get rid of their arthritis problem and achieve a lot of health benefits.